Le Phare de Richard

If you want to discover the Médoc in a different aspect than that of vineyards, beaches, forest, lakes … you still have to discover the Pointe Médoc, it is that of Mattes, Paluds, Estuaire.

You will approach it by the secondary road 2 (the Castillonnaise road) from Pauillac or through Lesparre, you will join “Port de Goulée”. It is from this charming little port, formerly devoted to trade, then to fishing and oyster farming, now a marina, that you will discover a region shaped by nature and man.

Continuing your route on the D2, towards Saint-Vivien, you will find the Port of Richard, then a few kilometers further, an unusual object at the edge of the road. A large, white, red, high-water buoy is stranded at the corner of a “pass,” pointing his finger at Richard’s lighthouse.

A long strip of asphalt, bordered with tamarisks and meadows to infinity where graze peacefully some beautiful “blondes of Aquitaine”, will bring you to the foot of the dike.

See you 12/08/2018 for the Lighthouse Festival